Curiouser and curiouser

Curiouser and curiouser

So, in my last post I was whining about how my sales has stopped dead and it had spurred me to “republish” my books on the KDP platform. Well, what do you know. The sales have started trickling through again. About 24 hours after I’d republished, and maybe 12 hours after I’d gotten the “your […]

Ghost of sales past

The ghost of sales past

So my main selling book – Baby Steps – stopped selling early this month. I don’t mean trickled off, it was already trickling. I mean no sales at all. Ever seen this with your books? It was so sudden, and so early in the month I started to get suspicious. So I republished it on […]


Where did I come from? Part 2

(Continued from…) So after several requests, I got my book’s sales figures, which seemed to indicate that I had “earned out” my advance and should have been earning royalties. Not so, apparently – there were myriad expenses and overheads and stuff that had to be accounted for first. Well, even though my publisher was lovely […]

History of Jason

Where did I come from? Part 1

So, to get content about what I’m doing here and where I’m going, you’ll need to know a bit about where I’ve been – publishing-wise. Out of school I trained as an IT nerd but after five years, thought I’d like to be a writer. I moved to Sydney (yes – I live in Australia, […]


OK, so this is a thing

Right. Time to get serious, which is already ironic since I like to try to write funny. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Joe Konrath’s book, and document my self-publishing journey. The goal? To see how far I can take it, and maybe make a bit more than beer money writing the […]