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What is good #writing – Part 4: More on Authenticity

Dialogue Wow. If there’s a single facet of narrative writing that seems to cause writers the most grief, I’d nominate dialogue. It’s tough because it’s dependent on all other aspects of the story – context, setting, the characters, the plot – and is so easy to spot when it doesn’t ring true. Quentin Tarantino’s script […]

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What is good writing – Part 3: Authenticity

You may have seen my first post on good writing or the next one on structure. In them, I’ve covered the concepts of “eye friction”, context and structure. Time for authenticity. This post has turned into a bit of a monster, so I’ve split it into two parts. Here’s the first half… Authenticity “No – I just don’t buy […]

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What is good writing – Part 2

You may have seen my first post on good writing. I covered the concept of “eye friction” and context. Now I’m eyeing off structure. I think authenticity, variety and confidence will have to wait for post No.3. Structure Structure equals logic, and even in the most illogical world of speculative fiction – possibly involving the upside-down slug world of Elgar Noth (please note, I […]

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What is good writing?

Talk about your subjective topic. Good writing means many things to many people, and almost everyone will have a different opinion on what constitutes great writing. Reading fiction, for example, I hate some popular authors’ work that my wife loves, and vice-versa. If I don’t like a best-selling author’s writing style, but millions of readers […]


Why aren’t there more sport novels?

There is seemingly no end to the genre fiction market. The one of the capitals of the literary landscape is Romance, which is just a few miles from Erotic, Historical and Spiritual. Across the other side of the continent is the megapolis of Crime and its satellite cities of Noir, Hardboiled, Police Procedural and True, and on […]