Baby steps

The kid is back

Is there a better day in the new self-publishing era than rights-reversion day? Possibly not. I had a taste of that sweet nectar late last year, when Allen & Unwin my traditional publishing house – one of the biggest in Australia – returned the rights to my first book – Baby Steps: A Bloke’s-Eye View […]

James Altucher

Writing advice from James Altucher

Here’s some typically blunt and to the point advice on how to make a living as a writer from self-publishing and self-help web fella James Altucher. He cracks me up. He kinda writes like this. It’s not pretty, and it’s not fancy. But it gets the idea across. Anyway, this particular advice is not pretty, […]

Curly at Long Odds cover

Curly at Long Odds – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 London, England “Business or pleasure?” “Pleasure if you’ve got some.” She tried to smile at the pudgy Indian man in the glass box, but he seemed even less amused than she was. She’d been in line for half an hour but he looked like he’d been locked in that box for years. He […]

sigil epub creator

Sigil – the ultimate free ebook creator

If you’re self-publishing and not creating ebook using Sigil, well Sir or Ma’am, you may have rocks in your head. That may be a bit harsh, but it is that good. Here’s a screenshot of me editing a chapter…                           Why Sigil rocks: […]

New site breaks down what authors earn

Anyone authors out there wondering whether to ditch the legacy route of “big five” publishing to head down the mythical road to self-pubbed riches should drop everything and check out I came across it while reading Joe Konrath’s blog. A long report from Hugh Howie featured in a long post comparing the earnings of […]

Curly at Long Odds cover

Curly at Long Odds – Chapter 1

After writing about good writing, and wittering on for six posts about style and structure and other technique tips, I thought I’d better put my words where my mouth is. So here is Chapter 1 of a short novel I wrote last year. It’s called Curly at Long Odds. It’s a sequel to Curly Flat […]