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More tools to make and read ebooks

I thought I’d lump news of a couple of items together for this post – two new tools for ebooks. One that will help Australian ebook readers, and one that could potentially be a game-changer in self-publishing more broadly. The first – after Amazon released its Australian Kindle store  in November last year, now those without a […]

Free ebook template

Free ebook templates and other resources from Hubspot

If you’re writing a non-fiction tome, or are thinking about it, I’ve found a nice little cache of free templates to make your book look uber-professional. Hubspot have packaged up the following resources: 5 customisable ebook templates 5 free blog post templates 17 customisable templates for social media graphics How to ceate 5 infographics Inbound […]


I found a treasure trove of story ideas for sci-fi writers

I’ve never had a problem come up with new idea for stories – just the time to write them. Some writers, however, have the opposite problem. I can help. If you’re a sci-fi writer struggling for new ideas or dealing with writer’s block – go grab a New Scientist magazine and put on your contrarian […]

marvin epub app

Cool tools for self-publishers, writers, humans

I’m a bit of a web tool tragic (a SaaS savant? An app-happy chappie?). I love trying out new tools, so I thought I’d list some of the best I’ve found for writing, ebook creation and general life management. The full list is here, and it’ll fill out over time I’m sure, but here are […]

Ebook feedback

How to handle negative feedback on your book

Self-publishing is no longer a one-shot deal – it’s a process. We all need to use that to our advantage. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform and the other offerings from Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords et al are making it easier than ever to update the text or cover of your book from anywhere you are, 24/7. This […]

Cricket match-fixing in the news. Curly on the case

Huh. So the day I put my new book free on the Amazons around the world, a huge match-fixing story breaks, centring on match-fixing in England. Coincidence? I think not. Why, because my book is about match-fixing syndicates and threatened to BLOW THE LID right off that shady part of the cricket eco-system. Never mind […]