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A new self-publishing hope? Author Solutions going south

It feels like the good guys are winning the self-publishing battle of good vs evil. Does it feel like that to anyone else? First the Big Five publishers were slugged with $160m in damages for anti-competitive price-fixing in the US, then Apple got the same treatment from the US Department of Justice, now the unconscionable practices […]

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Hachette finally feels the downside of DRM

There’s a great post by renowned writer and (self-) publishing anarchist Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing. By now, almost everyone knows about the Hachette / Amazon publishing farrago. Hachette want to force Amazon to allow it to set its own prices for its books (they call that “Agency Pricing” or “The Agency Model” for those […]

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Converting an ebook file to print

Apart from all of the tree-hugging “save the planet” stuff that I tend to go on with, there is another great reason that ebooks are better than print – creating a print file is a pain in the arse. I’m converting my PDF file version of Baby Steps to one suitable for print, so I […]

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Apple’s iOS8 to allow ebook sharing

Amid all the San-Fran hoopla, and on-stage antics, Apple announced iOS8 – the upcoming version of it’s mobile operating system. It’ll launch in Spring this year (Autumn/Fall if you’re in the northern Hemisphere) and it prings with it lots of changes to how Apple’s iCloud handles documents. iOS8 will allow iCloud users to share documents […]