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Two cricket novellas for free

Christmas has come and gone, and we’ve moved on to much more important affairs – like jamming a cubic metre of wrapping paper into the recycling bin, what to do with leftover whipped cream, and Test cricket. The Boxing Day Test is well underway in Melbourne and I’ve been away from this site for a […]

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Self-publishers can now offer pre-orders on Amazon KDP

It seemed like perfect timing – a day after I wrote a post about writing a tween novel with my kids, Amazon announced that self-publishers on the KDP platform can now set up pre-orders for their books. The press release landing in my inbox with an thud this very morning: Hello, We’re excited to announce that […]

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Free money to authors: the media reaction to Amazon’s offer

For the media, the Hachette v Amazon dispute is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when we’ve analysed the latest in the dispute and taken sides (I’m personally still not sure how anyone who doesn’t work for Hachette is siding with Hachette, but no-matter) some new grist for the mill is uncovered. Yesterday it […]

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Amazon v Hachette: the straight talk

If you haven’t been keep tabs on the ongoing dust-up between Amazon and the large book publisher Hachette (or can’t be bothered sifting through all the bullsh*t and rhetoric) the simplest and most clear-headed analysis of the situation was written by Matthew Ingram and published on GIGOM today. It’s called: If you love books then […]

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A new self-publishing hope? Author Solutions going south

It feels like the good guys are winning the self-publishing battle of good vs evil. Does it feel like that to anyone else? First the Big Five publishers were slugged with $160m in damages for anti-competitive price-fixing in the US, then Apple got the same treatment from the US Department of Justice, now the unconscionable practices […]

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Hachette finally feels the downside of DRM

There’s a great post by renowned writer and (self-) publishing anarchist Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing. By now, almost everyone knows about the Hachette / Amazon publishing farrago. Hachette want to force Amazon to allow it to set its own prices for its books (they call that “Agency Pricing” or “The Agency Model” for those […]