Curly at long odds cover

Author branding and the latest Curly Gibson novella cover

In the brave not-quite-new world of indie publishing, authors are their own brands – whether they like it or not. Indie author pioneers like Konrath, and Eisler, and Howie are big enough to be brands in themselves, and because they’re among the first major wave of indie stars, that has become part of their brands. […]

reading before bed

Writing before bed – teaching kids by co-writing an ebook

You probably read with your kids every night before bed. Most engaged parents do. My wife and I do too, but when we read a story that she had handed in at school, we decided to take a different approach. Some context: my daughter is eight-turning-nine-years-old, and she’s pretty smart, but she had handed in […]

ebook tools

The best ebook tools I know of

Did you know that the ePub format is just a standard for packaging up web content in one file? Yes, it’s true. That’s why people say that an ePub file is really a website in a box. Sooo, HTML is the stuff that website are made from, so couldn’t you create ebooks with web tools? […]


Cricket fiction: a niche within a niche

Yes, I’m a cricket tragic. Not in the tracksuit-wearing mold of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard (I hope), but I’m pretty rabid. And I like writing fiction, and reading crime fiction, so years ago I invented an alter-ego for myself that could mash all these predilections together. And so Ashley “Curly” Gibson was born. […]

Baby steps

The kid is back

Is there a better day in the new self-publishing era than rights-reversion day? Possibly not. I had a taste of that sweet nectar late last year, when Allen & Unwin my traditional publishing house – one of the biggest in Australia – returned the rights to my first book – Baby Steps: A Bloke’s-Eye View […]

James Altucher

Writing advice from James Altucher

Here’s some typically blunt and to the point advice on how to make a living as a writer from self-publishing and self-help web fella James Altucher. He cracks me up. He kinda writes like this. It’s not pretty, and it’s not fancy. But it gets the idea across. Anyway, this particular advice is not pretty, […]

Curly at Long Odds cover

Curly at Long Odds – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 London, England “Business or pleasure?” “Pleasure if you’ve got some.” She tried to smile at the pudgy Indian man in the glass box, but he seemed even less amused than she was. She’d been in line for half an hour but he looked like he’d been locked in that box for years. He […]