The Curly Situation cover

Two cricket novellas for free

Christmas has come and gone, and we’ve moved on to much more important affairs – like jamming a cubic metre of wrapping paper into the recycling bin, what to do with leftover whipped cream, and Test cricket. The Boxing Day Test is well underway in Melbourne and I’ve been away from this site for a […]

Curly at long odds cover

Curly at Long Odds is live on Amazon

So it’s been a little while since my last post – I’ve been beavering away on Curly III and also took some time off with the family. But fear not, stout cricket fiction yeomen (and yeowomen?) – Curly’s adventures at the 2013 Ashes are live and selling in the Kindle store. I talked about the […]

Curly at long odds cover

Author branding and the latest Curly Gibson novella cover

In the brave not-quite-new world of indie publishing, authors are their own brands – whether they like it or not. Indie author pioneers like Konrath, and Eisler, and Howie are big enough to be brands in themselves, and because they’re among the first major wave of indie stars, that has become part of their brands. […]

reading before bed

Writing before bed – teaching kids by co-writing an ebook

You probably read with your kids every night before bed. Most engaged parents do. My wife and I do too, but when we read a story that she had handed in at school, we decided to take a different approach. Some context: my daughter is eight-turning-nine-years-old, and she’s pretty smart, but she had handed in […]


Cricket fiction: a niche within a niche

Yes, I’m a cricket tragic. Not in the tracksuit-wearing mold of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard (I hope), but I’m pretty rabid. And I like writing fiction, and reading crime fiction, so years ago I invented an alter-ego for myself that could mash all these predilections together. And so Ashley “Curly” Gibson was born. […]