Publishing tug of war

Free money to authors: the media reaction to Amazon’s offer

For the media, the Hachette v Amazon dispute is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when we’ve analysed the latest in the dispute and taken sides (I’m personally still not sure how anyone who doesn’t work for Hachette is siding with Hachette, but no-matter) some new grist for the mill is uncovered. Yesterday it […]

Kindle and books

Amazon v Hachette: the straight talk

If you haven’t been keep tabs on the ongoing dust-up between Amazon and the large book publisher Hachette (or can’t be bothered sifting through all the bullsh*t and rhetoric) the simplest and most clear-headed analysis of the situation was written by Matthew Ingram and published on GIGOM today. It’s called: If you love books then […]


I found a treasure trove of story ideas for sci-fi writers

I’ve never had a problem come up with new idea for stories – just the time to write them. Some writers, however, have the opposite problem. I can help. If you’re a sci-fi writer struggling for new ideas or dealing with writer’s block – go grab a New Scientist magazine and put on your contrarian […]

marvin epub app

Cool tools for self-publishers, writers, humans

I’m a bit of a web tool tragic (a SaaS savant? An app-happy chappie?). I love trying out new tools, so I thought I’d list some of the best I’ve found for writing, ebook creation and general life management. The full list is here, and it’ll fill out over time I’m sure, but here are […]

Cricket match-fixing in the news. Curly on the case

Huh. So the day I put my new book free on the Amazons around the world, a huge match-fixing story breaks, centring on match-fixing in England. Coincidence? I think not. Why, because my book is about match-fixing syndicates and threatened to BLOW THE LID right off that shady part of the cricket eco-system. Never mind […]

Baby steps

The kid is back

Is there a better day in the new self-publishing era than rights-reversion day? Possibly not. I had a taste of that sweet nectar late last year, when Allen & Unwin my traditional publishing house – one of the biggest in Australia – returned the rights to my first book – Baby Steps: A Bloke’s-Eye View […]

Publishing mistakes

Dumb mistakes – I’ve made a few…

I’ve been off beavering away on another Curly tale, so apologies for the lack of posts these last couple of weeks. Here’s a quick one about the simple things you can miss when trying to market and sell your self-pubbed work. This example is something I missed on Amazon’s KDP platform, the the principle holds […]