I found a treasure trove of story ideas for sci-fi writers

I’ve never had a problem come up with new idea for stories – just the time to write them. Some writers, however, have the opposite problem. I can help. If you’re a sci-fi writer struggling for new ideas or dealing with writer’s block – go grab a New Scientist magazine and put on your contrarian […]

Ebook feedback

How to handle negative feedback on your book

Self-publishing is no longer a one-shot deal – it’s a process. We all need to use that to our advantage. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform and the other offerings from Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords et al are making it easier than ever to update the text or cover of your book from anywhere you are, 24/7. This […]

reading before bed

Writing before bed – teaching kids by co-writing an ebook

You probably read with your kids every night before bed. Most engaged parents do. My wife and I do too, but when we read a story that she had handed in at school, we decided to take a different approach. Some context: my daughter is eight-turning-nine-years-old, and she’s pretty smart, but she had handed in […]

James Altucher

Writing advice from James Altucher

Here’s some typically blunt and to the point advice on how to make a living as a writer from self-publishing and self-help web fella James Altucher. He cracks me up. He kinda writes like this. It’s not pretty, and it’s not fancy. But it gets the idea across. Anyway, this particular advice is not pretty, […]

authentic goods

What is good #writing – Part 4: More on Authenticity

Dialogue Wow. If there’s a single facet of narrative writing that seems to cause writers the most grief, I’d nominate dialogue. It’s tough because it’s dependent on all other aspects of the story – context, setting, the characters, the plot – and is so easy to spot when it doesn’t ring true. Quentin Tarantino’s script […]

writing tips

What is good writing – Part 3: Authenticity

You may have seen my first post on good writing or the next one on structure. In them, I’ve covered the concepts of “eye friction”, context and structure. Time for authenticity. This post has turned into a bit of a monster, so I’ve split it into two parts. Here’s the first half… Authenticity “No – I just don’t buy […]