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Converting an ebook file to print

Apart from all of the tree-hugging “save the planet” stuff that I tend to go on with, there is another great reason that ebooks are better than print – creating a print file is a pain in the arse. I’m converting my PDF file version of Baby Steps to one suitable for print, so I […]

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More tools to make and read ebooks

I thought I’d lump news of a couple of items together for this post – two new tools for ebooks. One that will help Australian ebook readers, and one that could potentially be a game-changer in self-publishing more broadly. The first – after Amazon released its Australian Kindle store  in November last year, now those without a […]

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The best ebook tools I know of

Did you know that the ePub format is just a standard for packaging up web content in one file? Yes, it’s true. That’s why people say that an ePub file is really a website in a box. Sooo, HTML is the stuff that website are made from, so couldn’t you create ebooks with web tools? […]

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Sigil – the ultimate free ebook creator

If you’re self-publishing and not creating ebook using Sigil, well Sir or Ma’am, you may have rocks in your head. That may be a bit harsh, but it is that good. Here’s a screenshot of me editing a chapter…                           Why Sigil rocks: […]