The Curly Situation

The Curly Situation coverThere’s a little bit of Curly Gibson in all of us. Not any of the dangly sexual bits, of course, just the part that tries hard and means well, but never quite seems to be able to get ahead.

Ashley “Curly” Gibson is a washed-up Aussie cricketer at his lowest ebb. Working in a dead-end job in a sports store, he gets a call from Cricket Australia to quietly warn off an overzealous fan harassing the Test team. Curly agrees to follow the team on tour and make the stalker go away, enlisting the help of hard-drinking PI John Gacy.

The dogmatic duo soon discover that there’s more to the plot than meets the groin – and that it’s about to get deadly. Too bad they can’t get anyone in authority to take them seriously.

Can’t imagine why.

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